Another note from the mail bag…

SHAME on WSSU Faculty Senate and Senate President Ludovic Kovalik for proposing a resolution to support UNC President Tom Ross. Faculty members know that Provost Brenda Allen and Dean Corey Walker initiated this resolution. Tom Ross has operated a dual system of governance by ignoring problems at HBCUs.  Elizabeth City University, WSSU and other HBCUs in this state have been ravaged by administrators and Board of Trustees Ross did not hold accountable for their actions.  There are MANY HBCU faculty and staff who have contacted Ross regarding problems and each time Ross and Thomas Shannahan proved their allegiance to HBCU administrators.

Had Ross acted properly, Shira Hedgpeth’s lawsuit, several EEOC complaints and DOJ investigations of WSSU would not have been filed or occurred.  Likewise, several faculty members have resigned and sought jobs elsewhere because of Ross’ allegiance to WSSU administrators (Reaves, Allen, Walker).  WSSU Faculty Senate and Kovalik were silent when foreign faculty requested assistance after WSSU withdrew their H-1B visa applications and either fired them or attempted to do so. The Senate was silent when WSSU CIO was accused of misappropriating funds and permitted to resign without facing criminal charges.  The Senate has not questioned the financial instability at WSSU which resulted in an inability to fund scholarships and the university’s strategic plan. They were also silent when told that Dr. Cedric Bass claimed publication of his dissertation in his tenure portfolio and was granted tenure and promotion even though his dissertation was never published.  Yet Dr. Olethia Davis was suspended and is now MIA because WSSU administration accused her of claiming publication of her dissertation.  A Google book search of Davis’ dissertation proves publication by Louisiana State University (  Bass has absolutely no proof of publication of his dissertation and was not required to provide such proof.  If anyone has Davis’ contact, we know attorneys willing to file that multi-million dollar lawsuit on her behalf!!!

We encourage Chancellor Robinson to rid his administration of persons who oppose him and his efforts to change the status quo.  We caution him of the coming of the Ides of March!!!

—-Copy of Resolution—-

Winston-Salem State University Faculty Resolution Regarding the
Transition in Leadership and Direction of the UNC System

Chairman John Fennebresque of the UNC System Board of Governors (BOG) in his press conference on 16th of January, 2015 suggested the need for a “transition in leadership” of the UNC system to move the University in new directions; and

The stated need for transition required the decision to replace Tom Ross as President of the University of North Carolina System; and

The Winston-Salem State University Faculty has observed President Tom Ross to exhibit exemplary, visionary and inclusive leadership of the UNC System; and,

President Tom Ross continues to lead the UNC System in the best interests of the University and the people of the State of North Carolina, in a manner that:

• Ensures access to the University system to all qualified students; and
• Provides higher education to North Carolina’s citizens, regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status, in a manner that is “as free as practicable,” by developing and protecting financial aid and tuition structures; and
• Attracts and retains the best faculty and staff for all UNC campuses; and
• Builds a strong leadership team at the UNC General Administration that works effectively with the BOG to develop and support the capacity of individual campuses to fulfill their missions in the context of the system; and
• Effectively manages the system’s complex budget during a period of drastically decreasing budgets; and
• Strengthens campus leadership by selecting Chancellors committed to academic excellence and the respective missions of the system’s diverse campuses; and
• Promotes a comprehensive liberal arts based education that prepares students for careers and lifelong learning; and

The Winston-Salem State University Faculty Senate is deeply concerned that the unexpected decision to replace an acknowledged, highly effective system leader will diminish the opportunities to attract and retain strong, effective and visionary leaders at all levels of the University system;

Therefore Be It Resolved:
That the Winston-Salem State University Faculty expresses its most sincere thanks and highest respect for the exemplary work and leadership of President Tom Ross; and,

Be It Further Resolved:
That the Winston-Salem State University Faculty strongly endorses the manner in which President Tom Ross continues to lead the University of North Carolina System; and

Be It Further Resolved:
That the Winston-Salem State University Faculty calls upon the Board of Governors to articulate the rationale for their stated need for a “transition in leadership,” a transition that implies a change in direction that has neither been discussed nor vetted with campus leadership, faculty, or the people of North Carolina.

From the mail bag – a student speaks out!!

Admin note – We are posting this message as received with only minor grammatical corrections.

While I am not sure whether this site is credible or whether things are slanderous, exaggerated, or even completely made up, I feel compelled to speak. As a current student at WSSU, I have witnessed things that are simply unacceptable. I am a graduating senior, a member of the honors program, and without explicitly stating identifiable things about myself, I am heavily involved on campus. Whether these things combined have provided me an inside look at administrative behavior and student behaviors, I am not for certain, but whatever the reason, I have seen a lot. Too much, honestly.

At what school can members of faculty engage in sexual relations with students and still be employed? At what school can faculty leave the country on PERSONAL vacations with students and still be employed? At what school can faculty abuse power and overt favoritism and still be employed?
I pains me to say this, but at one point there was talk of a white candidate for chancellor. Everyone was in a uproar. I had my fingers crossed, hoping he would be hired. Don’t get me wrong, I am Black Pride through and through, as ethnocentric as it gets, but part of me hoped we would hire that white man (whether it was a rumor or not) so that some type of order could be restored to this institution. At the end of the day, PWIs do not allow the mess that goes on on this campus to occur on there’s. Simply put, at a PEU, a person will be fired and replaced without the blink of any eye. There is order, there are rules, there are BOUNDARIES…something my school has yet to put in place..I despise myself for feeling this way,  but it’s true.

In short, because I’m tired of typing and it’s hard to tell my experiences without naming names, I will not give a dime back to this institutions upon graduation, not until they clean it up. And by clean it up, I mean let go of these viruses…and by viruses, I mean PEOPLE.

What’s going on in Nursing?

Got this in the mail bag, and we sincerely apologize to the author, the note ended up in our junk mail folder and we just found it.

Why are there so many vacancies in the Department of Nursing?  Has an employee been dismissed in

the cashier’s office? If so, does it have anything to do with the MacKenzie account?

Student Accounts Cashiering and Collections Accountant
Bursar and Student Accounts (Posted 11/25/14)

Associate/Professor of Nursing – Coordinator of RN-BSN Option (12/mo)
Nursing (Posted 11/25/14)

Associate/Professor of Nursing – Coordinator DNP Degree Program (12/mo)
Nursing (Posted 11/25/14)

Instructor/Assistant/Associate Professor – 12 mos FNP Non-tenure-track
Nursing (Posted 11/22/14)

Associate/Professor of Nursing – Director of Graduate Programs (12/mo Tenure-track)
Nursing (Posted 11/21/14)

Assistant/Associate/Professor of Nursing – Mental Health Faculty (9/mo Tenure-track)
Nursing (Posted 11/21/14)

Assistant/Associate/ Professor of Nursing – Maternal Child Health Faculty (9/mo Tenure-track)
Nursing (Posted 11/21/14)

First Message to Chancellor Robinson

From the mail bag……

Dear Chancellor Robinson,

Randy Mills and Brenda Allen released a statement on Tuesday, February 10, 2015 at 7:43 AM that funding for FY2014-15 strategic budget priorities was not available as a result of state budget reductions and financial limitations. 

Two days after on 2/12/2015 3:04 PM, Cathy Stitts released a statement that included a welcome to following new members to the Ram family:

  Ms. Georgette Crawford-Crooks, who will serve as Interim Director for Student Athlete Services.  In this role, Ms. Crawford-Crooks will work collaboratively with Class Deans, the Assistant Deans, and the Coordinator for Persistence, Retention, Graduation and other university constituents to ensure the success of the student athletes at Winston-Salem State University. 


Ms. Theresa Willie, who joins the UCaLL Advising Services unit as an Academic Success Counselor, will focus on the pre-nursing population.


The WSSU Community is asking to carefully monitor Brenda Allen. She has stated that WSSU is broke; however, how Cathy Stitts is able to add two additional employees to a total of 52 employees that are supposed to be advising students.  Yet, students are complaining about their advisement from UCall and faculty is compelled to clean up the situation. Please take time to meet with your faculty without Brenda, Ms. Wall, Corey, Peggy and the so called advising and assistant deans. Remember, the faculty is the engine of WSSU, despite the lies that have been spread by your executive team to the Winston Salem Journal. You need to clean up your executive team and purge your administration from old and rotten wood. We are willing to support you but only to the extent that you clean house. Spring cleaning will be ideal. You have made strides with students, now you need to attend to your faculty!

Did WSSU try to stack the deck in the Hedgepeth case?

How can you win a case in court?  Aligning with a Judge with an agenda might be a good first step.

It has been brought to the Insider’s attention that WSSU may have a leg up on the Hedgepeth case with the appointment of the Honorable Judge Loretta C. Biggs.  Biggs has a long history with WSSU as a Vice Chair of the Board of Trustees and her securing a $1.8 million dollar grant from Kate B. Reynolds Charitable Trust to establish the Center for Community Safety.  Way to go WSSU Administration and the DOJ of NC.

How can you lose… guess that tells us where current employees can go for help!

WSSUInsider asks everyone to voice their opinion and get this judge removed from this case!!!!


Thanks to your support, Judge Biggs has been removed from the case!! New information will be posted as soon as it is practical!!

By conducting a brief internet search the following relationship between the Honorable Judge Loretta C. Biggs and WSSU exist:


For these reasons, a strong appearance of impropriety is created with Judge Biggs assigned to a matter where WSSU and its’ employees are the Defendant.  For these reasons, she is disqualified under 28 U.S.C. Section 455(a) and Hedgepeth’s motion for recusal is warranted and must be granted.

From the mail bag….

Since I know the faculty are reading your blog and interested, I thought I should share some information a discovered today:
The raises promised to faculty by the UNC General Admin, DJR, and Brenda Allen are beginning to be distributed. By decree of Brenda in a general faculty meeting, the dean would be asking for recommendations from chairs about which faculty are worthy of a small raise.
Interestingly, the faculty that were recommended by their chairs are not getting letters of this increase. Instead, faculty not recommend are.
I would advise all faculty to ask:
Who was recommend by their chairs?
Who actually received raises?
If the chair, who see’s everything a faculty member does and evaluates them every semester, is not listened to, who is really deciding these things? On what facts are these decisions made?
Is it the dean, who has never seen most of us teach, and has less teaching experience than most faculty?
Is it the provost, who lets just say, is a little out of touch with the faculty that don’t follow her around telling her she is wonderful?
Is it Mrs Wall, who is over Faculty Affairs (with no teaching experience) AND the university checkbook?
Do department chairs even matter anymore if no one is listening to them?
How long has this type of thing been happening?
This is all public information and should be easily released so we can see what is really going on.
A tenured WSSU faulty member and long time Winston-Salem resident