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April 20, 2014

Anatomy of Lies and Fabrication at WSSU. Is this the reason for Hayes and Reaves early retirement?

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Hayes wrote that Johnson entered the restroom to blow his nose and wash his hands when several VSU players asked him to confirm that he was the Rams’ starting quarterback.  Really, the opposing team did not know who Johnson was? Does Hayes know when people blow their noses in the bathroom?

WSSU Head Football Coach Connell Maynor wrote in a memo to Carpenter that Maynor didn’t have any first-hand knowledge of what happened in the restroom. How did Hayes know what happened in the bathroom? Maynor told the truth! 

“The last thing that was told to our players prior to getting off the bus was not to engage in any conversation with the opposing team, coaches or staff,” Maynor wrote. So why did you invite them to the campus? So why didn’t Hayes accompany Johnson to the bathroom? 

James Anderson, the chancellor of Fayetteville State University, emailed Reaves after the news conference, pointing out that Reaves didn’t tell reporters about VSU Head Football Coach Latrell Scott’s criminal record. In the email, Anderson also asked why does (VSU president) Keith (Miller) allow this notion of only one attacker keep floating around?” James Anderson wanted a piece of the action; wondering why since Anderson never had any respect for Reaves? Anderson avoided Reaves him as a pariah during  since he landed at Fayetteville. What did Anderson have against Mr. Scott? Sounds like a personal vendetta unbecoming of a chancellor of the UNC System. Fayetteville Community be careful what Anderson writes about you!

In Petersburg, Va., VSU Athletic Director Peggy Davis received a Nov. 15 email from Candace Stowe, an administrative assistant in the city’s attorney office in Winston-Salem. Stowe wrote that she is a WSSU alumna, and her two children graduated from VSU. Was Candace using city’s e-mail to engage in this melee? Ask the City’s Attorney to check Stowe’s use of e-mail. She probably received a chain e-mail from Ravonda Dalton-Rann

On Nov. 19, Miller sent an email to a receiver whose name was redacted. Miller wrote that five CIAA football coaches and the daughter of the president of St. Augustine’s College in Raleigh attended the Nov. 15 banquet at WSSU and supports Scott’s account of what happened in the melee. Witnesses that Reaves did not interview!

 I could not believe that he had the audacity to refer to our coach as a ‘criminal’ and make disparaging remarks about our school and student body.”But Reaves did that, it’s his nature.

On that same day, VSU alumnus Franklin Stowe sent an email to state Reps. Ed Hanes and Evelyn Terry and state Sen. Earline Parmon, all Forsyth County Democrats, criticizing the legislators for the harsh statements they made about the VSU’s football team for its role in the Nov. 15 melee. These are petty politicians trying to drum u p votes among WSSU alumni.

Franklin Stowe: “For you all to make references to ‘thuggery’ and implicate him (Britt) with being ‘dubious’ is absolutely unacceptable,” Stowe wrote. “As black political leaders, you should be the first to understand that the last thing this young man and my university needs is negative publicity. Your rhetoric in the press release referring to my university was undoubtedly unbecoming of blacks in our community.” Very well stated Mr. Stowe, Reaves is a Thug!

“I was not in the bathroom,” Reaves wrote. “But Rudy Johnson told me that he was attacked by five or six VSU players and I believe him.”  Since when do you believe anyone, you only listen to the voices inside your head.

Lewis wrote: “I could not believe that he had the audacity to refer to our coach as a ‘criminal’ and make disparaging remarks about our school and student body.” He does that all the time including his own staff.

Anonymous whistle blower: “I want you to be aware that according to internal sources, this was not the case of five Virginia (State) students lurking in a bathroom to attack a WSSU student. This altercation began in the room with exchange of words and then the hormones took over — “let’s take it outside.” Indeed, this is the real true story!


April 12, 2014

Did Wake Forest fail to control their Students?

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Three Winston-Salem State University students were arrested last Saturday after a fight at a party at Wake Forest University, authorities said.

The party was held in the popular campus facility called The Barn, said Kevin Cox, a WFU spokesman.

About 650 people attended the party, which started at 10 p.m. last Friday. Wake Forest police ended the party at 12:30 p.m. because the venue was overcrowded, Cox said.A fight broke out among some people who attended the party, Cox said. Harvey C. Rison III, 20, a WSSU student from Belleville, N.J., was charged with two counts of misdemeanor assault on a government official, one count each of misdemeanor injury to personal property, resisting a public officer and consuming an alcoholic beverage by person younger than 21, arrest warrants say.

Rison is accused of swinging at city police officers, kicking Officer A.B. Pendry and knocking Officer Gerald Lovejoy to the ground, the warrants said. Rison also is accused punching the windshield of a police car, causing about $200 in damages. Rison also is accused underage drinking.

Christopher Lamar Jeter, 21, a WSSU student, was charged with being intoxicated and disruptive, according to arrest warrants.

Jeter also is accused of resisting arrest, the warrant said.Kahlil Davon Artis, 23, a WSSU student from Fayetteville, was cited for misdemeanor simple affray, a court records show. Artis is accused of striking another person with his fists during the fight, according to a citation. Rison has been released from the Forsyth County Jail after he posted a $2,500 bond, court records show. He is scheduled to appear in court on May 16.

Jeter was released from the jail after he posted a $100 bond. He is scheduled to appear in court April 21. Artis is scheduled to appear in court April 23. Donald J. Reaves had no comments.

April 9, 2014

Abrupt Donald Reaves “Retirement” has triggered a Tsunami in the WSSU Athletic Department

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Mr. Bobby Collins is the latest casualty of a poorly handled and in debt athletic unit under the Donald Reaves Administration. Mr. Collins has resigned and will be moving on to Eastern Shores to report to President Juliette Bell. Mr. Collins is the third high ranking coach that has either retired and/or left for better pastures after the so called” Bill Hayes Retirement” announcement. Inquiries to the Chancellor’s Office have failed to provide a date to celebrate Bill Hayes’ accomplishment. Tanya Walker was named interim, but rumors are circulating that she is also looking for a better place before she gets her pink slip. These rumors have been attributed to a well known figure at Blair Hall who loves to spread rumors and in her latest attempt to galvanize support for a candidate who has been waiting on the side to be named Chancellor, has been calling people in town to see if t she can manipulate the search process like she did with Kevin Myatt. As you may recall, candidate Reaves was never on the list of finalists. However, Myatt who later resigned as President of WSSU Trustees colluded with several members of the search committee to bring back Reaves as a candidate. In addition, a list of final candidates was also manipulated that resulted in the hiring of Donald Reaves. Erskine Bowles, who years later admitted to the alumni that he had been “fooled” by the list he had received because someone moved Donald Reaves name to the top. Wondering who did that?


Unfortunately, there are no more buildings left to name after Bill Hayes. Under an agreement with the Winston Salem City, Bowman Grey cannot be named after Vivian Burke. Her only consolation is the picture that hangs in the College of Business which has been vandalized several times. We are wondering why Vivian has not shown up to any of the latest gatherings at WSSU. Perhaps she was to keep a legacy by avoiding her name related to the creation of a course in Political Science where students who were failing the class, received A’s in a special course created by Academic Affairs. We know that Vivian’s son, “ Judge Burke “ taught courses for  WSSU; however we have not been able to determine if he was the “special instructor” that was able to move failing students and receive the highest grade in a course that they were failing within a weeks’ time. Related to this story, we are still awaiting the report on Larry Little’s sanctions for violating North Carolina laws related to political pandering at WSSU.


Read more:

April 8, 2014

Fiscal Disaster at WSSU

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WSSU is in financial dire straits that now they asking faculty to become debt collectors. Faculty members are not to engage in this type of activity. Faculty and advisors have received this message from Lynn Berry:

Dear Faculty Advisors,

We have about 900 students who owe the university money and thus have a HOLD on their account.  As you identify these students in your advising and registration sessions, please make them aware that they need to visit the Office of Student Accounts which is on the 2nd floor of Thompson.  We want students to address this issue now so that they can register for fall and so that they are prepared to return in the fall.


Please contact your legislator and Board of Governors to stop this nonsense.

April 7, 2014

The Sad State of Affairs at WSSU

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A friend of mine posed a question that I’ve been grappling with: “Why are so many college and university presidents so … bad?” The question caught me off guard since many of the college presidents I meet are hardworking, creative, dedicated leaders. But I knew exactly what he meant. Increasingly, the faculty and even many midlevel administrators at colleges and universities are finding themselves dealing with presidents and chancellors who appear to view faculty members as though they were the enemy, micromanage colleges and departments within an inch of their lives, alienate one group of institutional stakeholders after another, and then depart from the institution after five or six years, leaving others to pay the bill for the damage they’ve done.

The fault lies, I believe, in something I call bottom-line leadership.

Jeffrey L. Buller, Ph.D.

March 29, 2014

Did the Faculty Senate Drop the Ball?

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Did the Faculty Senate Drop the Ball?

Recently it was announced that the School of Education & Human Performance and the School of Business & Economics will be absorbed into the College of Arts & Sciences, to take effect on July 1st, 2014.  However, popular sentiment holds that the General Faculty’s advice in this matter was neither sought nor, to date, given the opportunity for expression.  Regardless of whether those popular sentiments are true, the fact remains that the General Faculty has an obligation to offer advice on whether the reorganization should occur.

The Constitution of the General Faculty of Winston-Salem State University (, last approved by Chancellor Reaves on November 11th, 2008, specifies the actions required of the General Faculty.

Article 2, Section 3.19, states “The General Faculty serves in an advisory capacity and shall have representation on committees with other bodies of the university to consider any matter related to the welfare of the university, including but not limited to changes in the formal structure of colleges, departments, or other units in the Division of Academic Affairs.”  Clearly, it is the responsibility of the General Faculty to advise the administration concerning the proposed reorganization.

Further, Constitution specifies how this procedure is to be carried out.  Article 2, Section 4, states “The governing body of the General Faculty shall be called the Faculty Senate.”  To emphasize and perhaps clarify how Article 2′s Section 3.19 and Section 4 work together, the same concept is detailed in Article 3, Section 1:  “The Faculty Senate shall exercise the legislative powers of the General Faculty.  It shall also consult with and advise the chancellor and his/her administrative staff on matters essential to the effectiveness and future development of the university.”

Did this happen? Of course not! Faculty members were bamboozled and so was the ineffective Board of Trustees approving a reorganization without faculty vetting. Deborah Miller you also lack leadership! Do us a favor, RETIRE!


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“After he retires as chancellor, Reaves said he plans to return to the classroom and teach political science courses. Reaves, a tenured WSSU faculty member, spent 13 years as a political science professor at Northeastern University in Boston. He has a master’s degree and doctorate in political science and public administration from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.”

Wait a minute, if you retire in the UNC System you must do the following:

Employees who submit application for retirement will have to sign the following statement:
“I understand that by completing an application for retirement and associated paperwork that I am submitting my intent to retire from UNC System” In addition: “A retiring employee should attend a Ready To Retire session for instructions on completing the retirement process and how Social Security and Medicare work in conjunction with the Retiree Health Plan.”

So how can DJ claim that he is going back to the classroom (God Forbid) when he has retired? I am confused?

March 22, 2014

Intestinal Virus hits WSSU after DJ announces his “retirement”

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The Hoax

A few months ago, WSSU faculty departments from various schools were invited to a breakfast and were told of a new reorganization to become effective on July 1. The rationale for this change was to save money!  Faculty and staff were told that they will not lose their jobs. This reorganization was not previously discussed with faculty or vetted by the university senate. Now is the time for putting this non-sense reorganization aside since DJ is a lame duck! The three schools affected should demand to place this ridiculous plan on the backburner until respectful, intelligent and experienced chancellor is hired. Donald Reaves has been an ineffective leader, so are the rest of his cabinet. The new chancellor needs to clean house by immediately asking Brenda Allen to step down and become a”psychologist”. Following her footsteps, Ivan Foster should be released of his duties immediately and a person with experience in HR issues should be hired. Fairy God Mother Deborah Reaves no longer plays any role in the hiring of WSSU personnel. No more hiring of friends and family members or children of the Board of Trustees, it should not be tolerated! Other administrative positions whose titles sound very fancy but persons carrying the titles do absolutely nothing should be immediately eliminated: Carolynn Berry (back to the classroom and team teach with Donald or Brenda), Dora (Kathy) Stitts who claims to head distance education and promoted to oversee the University College, and a secretary who has been hanging around Brenda Allen for the last few years (wondering why?) who was promoted to an associate provost position without the proper credentials, skills, and experience, Leticia Cornish. Leticia Cornish should be sent back to Health Sciences to answer the phone and do filing, skills that are more consistent with her ability. In fact, WSSU could save the million dollars by eliminating the number of worthless administrators named above and the other spouses of administrators working in various offices who use the maiden names in order to give the impression that they are not related to WSSU administrators. (By the way Gerald Hunter, ask your wife to move to Virginia where you reside and we could save some extra dollars in Human Resources.)


Nonsensical Quotes from the WSSU Journal

Provost Brenda Allen said that the plan will not affect students, their education or the faculty. The plan will eliminate the positions of two administrative deans and the administrative assistants assigned to them.

Corey Walker, the current dean of the College of Arts and Sciences, also will lead the consolidated college. Walker said that “plan will help students enrolled in the education and business schools receive more of a liberal-arts education.

It’s really a financial issue,” Allen told the trustees. “We have too much infrastructure for too few students. Once we take out this layer of infrastructure, there are all kinds of possibilities for students and faculty.”

“We are trying to infuse our students with a broad and deep knowledge and give them a view of the world and a view of society,” Walker said. “The new college will address that and help the university achieve its structured goals.”

You will tend to think that these two individuals will be on the same page! Brenda, its’ not about students, Corey it’s about students. The real problem is that WSSU has lost over 1500 students in the last two years, due to increase of tuition, student debt, inability to meet the demands of college, a financial aid Office riddled with incompetence, and hundreds of empty beds in the dormitories for a financial mistake of the construction of two dormitories poorly constructed and a decline of student enrollment, unprecedented in the history of WSSU. Brenda and Corey who were seen taken a few Imodium pills during the emergency meeting, are now frantically positioning themselves to justify their roles at WSSU. Neither one of them is capable of doing their jobs. Their hiring was prompted under Reaves patronage system to justify Reaves overstay at WSSU. Recently, Brenda Allen’s credentials have been scrutinized for embellishment and a questionable history of experiences listed in her resume.  A few weeks ago, a faculty provided evidence of very shady practices in creating a course that was taught in a week and all students who were previously falling received an A!  (See )

The devil is in the details

In order to cover her tracks, Brenda Allen changed the date of the course to show that it was taught from August through d December when in fact the course was created on November 20, 2012, right during Thanksgiving and a week away from the end of the academic term. Copies of Banner documents will be forwarded to the General Administration and the Attorney General for further investigation. Corey on the other hand, the new kid in town, handpicked by Brenda Allen to help her last a bit longer, will oversee three schools with the only short administrative experience of having oversaw a three-member department of Africana Studies at Brown University. After calling an emergency meeting by the WSSU Search Committee members (shame on you!),  Brenda Allen justified hiring Corey’s wife who claimed to have experience in writing research whose business was conducted at home, very much like Ivan’s Foster experience of selling chemicals from his residence in Ohio to justify his hiring (See previous Blog entries at Obviously, the Brown connection is there but it has been degraded by the “abrupt” retiring” of Donald Reaves. Corey, it takes more than a bow tie to lead three colleges. Brenda, we understand that the upcoming investigation by the Department of Justice at the WSSU campus is giving you many sleepless nights. Remember the old adage: No rest for the wicked!

“The chancellor has done a tremendous job at the university,” Miller said. “He leaves the university in a strong place.”

Deborah seriously? Where have you been during the decline of student enrollment and the other scandals recently revealed?  Are you in denial, suffering from early Alzheimer’s or simply stupid? Maybe you should also “retire”.

“I was happy interviewing Dr. Reaves,” Johnson said. “I knew he would be a good leader. I’m happy that he has a chance to retire.”

Mr. Johnson you are either a comedy or a Step and Fetch parody. Your daughter was hired by Donald Reaves so you could vote yes to any of his ridiculous proposals. But we are in agreement that he was giving a chance and be”happy to see him retired”. I guest retiring is better than saying you are fired! We are as thrilled as you are to see him retire.

After he retires as chancellor, Reaves said he plans to return to the classroom and teach political science courses. Reaves, a tenured WSSU faculty member, spent 13 years as a political science professor at Northeastern University in Boston. He has a master’s degree and doctorate in political science and public administration from Kent State University in Kent, Ohio.

Interesting fact that needs to be verified. Reaves was never a tenured faculty and he may have been an adjunct while working at the Welfare Office in Massachusetts. However, since embellishment and lies are highly tolerated at WSSU, it really doesn’t matter much anymore.

More to come!

March 20, 2014

Bill Hayes Hires an attorney?

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Insider has been informed that Bill hired an attorney.

Didn’t he retire?

March 14, 2014

Set Provost Pucker Factor to Maximum!!!!

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  • Source alleges WSSU provost is behind falsification of grades.
  • WSSU under fire for allegedly boosting graduation rates.
  • Larry Little, an activist for the Black Panthers and Democratic Party, purportedly violated UNC political activity guidelines.


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