Questions Left Unanswered by Chapel Hill’s Academic-Fraud Report; what would WSSU do now?


Should Tom Ross move forward and begin to see how WSSU nursing students were changed by the command of Brenda Allen when they got caught plagiarizing their work and when left unattended at the Library taking on-line exams were able to score high in their exams? Nursing students were not the only ones. One could assume that many athletes at WSSU whose GPA were inflated were also part of a similar scheme by enrolling in certain classes at WSSU. The investigation should concentrate on the courses that  Professor Martin teaches in the African American Studies and those taught by Professor Larry Little in the political science course sequence. Another figure that should be investigated is how Judge Burke, the son of Vivian Burke, one of WSSU’s Trustees taught course in one week and was able to pass students who were failing in Professor Davis’ class. A simple listing of courses in Banner will show the enrollment and a statistical analysis will also indicate how enrollment of athletes and other students who were failing classes were highly populated in these courses to boost their grades because they could not pass in other more rigorous courses. In the Larry Little case, it was well known that students got “extra points” for voting and helping in political campaigns  for candidates of Larry Little’s choice. Although WSSU claimed that an investigation was launched headed by (please do not laugh) by Ravonda Dalton Rann (everyone knows about her schemes on campus, Ellmore watch out!) and a secretary that was promoted to administrator by Brenda Allen. One needs to go deeper into how an administrative assistant rises to the level of an of an associate Provost with little credentials to have that post. Wondering what is the relationship?  The public demands the results and please do not try to use the excuse that it’s a personnel matter. Is she a family member or simply a “friend” within Brenda Allen’s circle that have common traits and the propensity to be liked by Brenda Allen because of these traits? Camille, Where are the results of that investigation?

If this investigation is carried out, it will show that the WSSU administration was involved in a deliberate scheme to defraud the Department of Education and the Federal Grant Offices. It is not a popular strategy among the UNC System, Tom Ross and his legal counsel to  initiate this because do so  because revealing that this took place will shut the doors for WSSU by losing the ability for students to apply for financial aid. In addition, it will also show that as Chapel Hill goes so does the rest of the UNC System universities. Tom Ross do you have the intestinal fortitude to investigate this matter? A similar incident occurred at Morris Brown when this institution lost their financial aid eligibility due to a similar scheme perpetrated by former administrators, two of which were indicted and one is spending jail in prison, the other still under house arrest.  Former Morris Brown College President, Financial Aid Director Indicted for Fraud Morris Brown Employee Sentenced in Visa Scheme Involving Illegal Immigrants Former Morris Brown President, Financial Aid Director Indicted by Federal Grand Jury in $5 Million Fraud Scheme

The above scheme could have taken place by the manipulation of Kathy Stitts and Carolynn Berry on behalf of Brenda Allen who received her marching orders from DJ. In the case of Professor Guy Martin, he was also writing letters to the Provost and DJ complaining about his colleagues. This despicable snitch tried to kiss Brenda’s behind so he could position himself to become a department chair by writing lies about Dr. Okonta and other department members. It was common talk for members of the grievance committee to tell other faculty members about Martin’s notes to the Provost and the Chancellor; there was not code of silence by this group. In one instance, Martin wrote a letter to Representative Womble complaining how a former Provost was destroying his program when he was stopped from running a summer program in Benin/Ghana so he could travel at the taxpayer’s expense to visit “home.” An analysis of this program showed that there was little rigor for credits that students received and that these trips amounted to a “tour vacation”, paid by North Carolina taxpayers. Unfortunately, this scheme failed and instead DJ decided to make his classmate, Shah, department chair. This is only one of those perks that faculty members may get when they engage in this type of repulsive behavior.

One could request all the e-mail exchanges between these professors and the main players. This you could be obtained form the University counsel (Camille Kluttz-Leach or her underling Ivy Brown) from the Legal Affairs Office.  We may also warn you that she will try to delay or not answer your request in order to protect DJ’s “reputation” before he leaves WSSU. The truth of the matter is that any administrator can be indicted and that the statutes of limitations do not apply to federal offenses. Yes indeed, DJ, even in your retirement you might need to show up to court. The only set back is that North Carolina taxpayers will have to eat the air fare bill, but not first class!

Judge Todd Burke shading dealings!

Given this scenario, is WSSU Athletic program in jeopardy? Will Bill Hanes have to be deposed to reveal all the dirt that he has on DJ? One could assume that there is some credibility to this scenario since DJ abruptly announced his retirement shortly after Hanes filed suit in court. Will the present Board of Trustees settle for his silence? Of course, Deborah Miller and Victor Johnson will be at the epicenter of this scandal. What we expect to hear is that: “ WSSU settled with Bill Hanes and that they claim no wrongdoing!” Yes, this system stinks since money can silence the rape perpetrated against WSSU for the last seven years.

What will the NCAA do?

If the investigation goes forward and WSSU students benefited from this scheme, just like those in Chapel Hill that was undetected for 18 years and let to the resignation of a former chancellor, this could have repercussions for WSSU athletic program. Ironically, the NCAA could show that WSSU lacked “institutional control”, a phrase that was used by DJ (he never had an original idea) against Virginia State when he tried to win a tournament by unethical practices. We hope that the new Chancellor fires the Chief of Police in her participation of this scheme and abetting DJ who tried to take advantage of an unfortunate incident that took place in our campus. WSSU receives millions of dollars from Title III and Pell Grants to help “under-prepared, under-served” students. Ironically, WSSU continues through their unethical practices to further under-prepare and under-serve our students! Should these administrators pay the price just like Morris Brown? What do you think?

North Carolina Sample FOIA Request

[Your Name]
[Street Address]
[City, ST ZIP Code]

Camille  Kluttz-Leach 

Winston Salem State University
University Counsel, Office of Legal Affairs
Winston Salem State University
 601 S. Martin Luther King Drive
Winston Salem, NC 27110

Dear Camille Kluttz-Leach:
Under the North Carolina Public Records Law, G.S. §132-1., I am requesting an opportunity to inspect or obtain copies of public records: e-mail  exchange between, Professors, Guy Martin, Burke, Subash Shah, Larry Little, Othelia Davis, Ike Okonta, Todd Burke, Brenda Allen, Kathy Stitts, Carolynn Berry, Bill Hanes ,Donald Reaves, Larry Womble etc.) related to the offering of courses for students at WSSU including athletes and others assigned from Professor Othelia Davis courses.
If there are any fees for searching or copying these records, please inform me if the cost will exceed $______.  However, I would also like to request a waiver of all fees in that the disclosure of the requested information is in the public interest and will contribute significantly to the public’s understanding of ___________ [Here, you can identify yourself as a representative of the news media if applicable and state that your request is related to news gathering purposes.]  This information is not being sought for commercial purposes.

The law requires that you respond to and fulfill this request “as promptly as possible.”  If you expect a significant delay in responding to and fulfilling this request, please contact me with information about when I might expect copies or the ability to inspect the requested records.

If you deny any or all of this request, please cite each specific exemption you feel justifies the refusal to release the information and notify me of the appeal procedures available to me under the law.
Thank you for considering my request.
[Your Name]

[Your Phone number]

New Alumni Email and Post

Dear Alumni Coalition,

Thank you for keeping your eyes on the University at this critical time.  BOTs members Victor Johnson, Burke Debra Miller and staff members RoVanda Dalton Rann, Brenda Allen, Carolynn Berry, Corey Walker, and Cathy Stitts have disrupted the achievement of WSSU mission and placed the university at risk. They have put their personal agenda above that of the university. WSSU faculty members we are not able to speak publicly about what we know. However, the majority of the faculty have stopped attending meetings because of the lies we have been told and have provided us with information for the WSSU Insider.

The Reaves followers are beginning to distance themselves from him.  Most of them did not attend Homecoming activities as in the past. They are busy trying to influence our new Chancellor. Faculty  have expressed the imperative for Reaves and his cronies to leave town by December.

We also urge Tom Ross to take an inventory of the furniture in the Chancellor’s home and make sure that Reaves does not take the silverware with him. Also, we ask Michelle Crook to have Reaves return the watch that he stole that was given for WSSU to get money as an auction item for student scholarships. Michelle Crook claims that Reaves left the watch given by the Austronauts in a vault f more than five years ago. DJ that this is not your property and any valuables stolen with a price of over $3,000 dollars is a felony n North Carolina. You do not want to spend your retirement with some of your friends at Statesville, do you? Maybe Deborah does!

Victor Johnson has been as disruptive not only in the search committee but also as a board member that he has gained notoriety in Chapel Hill and Raleigh and has really embarrassed the university.  Victor received a letter from general administration asking him for an explanation of why he impeded the progress of the BOT and the search committee.  We heard that he threatened Debra Miller in a search committee meeting regarding her refusal to place Brenda’s name on the list of three recommendations to be sent to Mr. Ross.

Also,it is well know that the applicant from Delaware asked that his name not be revealed.  As the WS Journal indicated, a source close to the university released information about the three candidates.  Many employees in the Reaves’s administration point the finger at Victor, his wife and RaVonda as individuals who released this information.It is true, Brenda Allen, employed Victor Johnson’s daughter Lantanja Johnson as a University Program Associate for Enrollment Services at $35,420.Victor asked Reaves to employ her so that she would have insurance and other benefits.  The mission of WSSU is not to support the personal needs of the administration and the BOT’s family.  Many of our students do not have insurance or money to register.  What did Brenda and Reaves do to help them?  The answer is they raised student fees to pay for the DRJ Building and the Hill Hall Renovations according to the 2012 and the 2013 audit reports (Website).

RoVanda Dalton Rann, for 16 years has managed to incorporate her AKA sorority and have her family enjoy the perks by utilizing the Chancellor’s budget. She has given the board special privileges on the campus for their support of her in maintaining her employment. She signed Harold Martin’s name to a requisition for a large amounts of alcoholic beverages which was not discovered until after he left the university.  She ordered textbooks for her niece and charged the university as if they were for administrators. Reaves, refused to fire her.  It has been reported that she keeps a log on people to blackmail. She also enjoys forwarding anonymous letters pretending to be others. She and Victor Johnson’s wife were reported to the Winston Salem police and her fingerprints were being analyzed for a further investigation. As secretary of the Search Committee, she forwarded a letter to the search committee requesting that they hire someone to continue Reaves’ agenda (not sure what agenda that is except to destroy) in order to favor Brenda Allen as Reaves next successor.  She also went on a personal investigation on the personal background of the Delaware candidate and tried to share that information with committee members in order to stop his candidacy by spreading unconfirmed rumors about his failure to get accreditation for the Delaware State College of Business.


Brenda Allen operates the division of academics from the theory “if it’s not working DESTROY It.  If it is not what Corey recommends DESTROY It. Since she joined the university we have seen the destruction of much of the academic area. As noted in a previous Insider Post, Brenda led the Closure of the Child Development Center (learning lab), destruction of the graduate school, closure of the evening and weekend program, loss of several nursing outreach programs, decrease in adult learners, decrease in online courses, confusion around the gen ed policies and guidelines, non- productive advising practices, low and decreased number of degrees conferred in chemistry, English, music, African American Studies, World Languages and Cultures Department, and biology.  Brenda and Corey can be credit with dismantling research on the campus. Corey made the statement in order to advance his own wife to get a job by claiming that “there is no research going on at this university.”  Hence, from left stage his wife entered into the position of Director of Research Initiatives. Brenda Allen thinking that she would continue her reign gave Corey the perks that he wanted. The most damaging move was the reorganization of the Schools and College. The purpose was not to save money.  Greater savings would have been achieved by not creating unnecessary positions. There is absolutely no value by Brenda hiring her sister. If you look at her Facebook page she is a loser and conniving just like her sister. Victor Johnson’s daughter, the internal auditor ‘s husband, Corey Walker’s wife, and friends of Dr. Berry such as Dr. Tara Kompare Pharmacy Director for the Wellness Center’s pharmacy, the director of faculty affairs,  were employed through this system of pay for play. An analysis of the UCALL area will yield duplication in responsibilities both within the UCALL structure and with other supporting academic s programs.  This study will yield the most unnecessary bunch of administrators in the UCALL ever hired in comparison with other universities in the UNC System.  Brenda could have saved money from the unnecessary payments to faculty by becoming trained advisors. Many of the faculty did not take part in that advising process. So what did the tax payers receive for those payments?

What about Corey Walker?  He is a bull in a china shop.  His recent appointment of Notis Pagiavlas to head the business department is a sure sign that he is still a neophyte and not ready for an organization that assumes major schools, programs, and initiatives. The business faculty objected and tried to point out that Notis has not developed one initiative at the university. He is skilled at taking credit for the work of others. He likes to walk and stand tall to give an aura of achievement but he is another loser.  Corey’s thoughtless move of engaging other universities to recruit in the business program is a sure sign that he does not understand the significance of the business department to the university.   Doctor P where were you during the recruitment process? You only accepted the dean’s position after two of your other colleagues refused to participate in this big hoax.  Corey is a carbon copy of Brenda’s inability to be a leader; they both enjoy bullying their way to manage. Lessons learned in the Brown University experience, where both were always underlings with inflated egos.

In searching the problems that caused the decreased enrollment much has been revealed.One of the major reasons is the dismantling of the enrollment management.  WSSU website does not make any reference to enrollment management. The only reference on the website about recruiting is about prospective student-athletes. Staff indicated that student recruitment is now under Carolynn Berry’s authority.   Who is recruiting?  The majority of the recruiters have left for positions at A&T.   When there is a discussion about enrollment, Brenda talks about bringing in Quality.  Some employees in student admissions say that they recruit on a process called seasonal recruitment.What are these strategies?  Maybe the strategy is to have Northern universities recruit on our campus and in our region in order to reduce the enrollment thus achieving Brenda’s goal of 3,500 students?Let’s not forget the general assembly was quickly moving to close ESU because of the drop in enrollment.  It is simple; state funding is based on enrollment. Brenda, are you stupid?

Brown University is a private school without worries about state statues, taxes, funding and politics.  Perhaps our Brown University colleagues think that WSSU can be re-chartered to become a private university.  If we continue to chip away at our programs and use the funding to pay people (Ivan Foster) in positions that renders very little to the achievement of outcomes we will be the next system university to be considered for closure.

More from the mail bag…..

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Kudos to Dr. Peggy Valentine for her part in ensuring that Dr. Brenda Allen never made the list of interviewees for the job of Chancellor. In Peggy Valentine the Provost thought she had a friend, but little did she know that the extension wearing Dean has no friends and is all about self, not to mention her fear of being fired, now that she is only one left from the old school crew. First Hammond, then Ford, then Bailey, can we count Vargas since he “left on his own accord”?. When comparing her to the affirmative action Dean, the untouchable Corey Walker, she pales in comparison and proves that she is about as air-brain as a mindless person can be, but she pulled this off with out a hitch. So maybe she does have a few active cells in her brain.
Thanks again Peggy, you deserve a state sponsored trip to Africa.

Letters from the mail bag………..

More letters that we receive from the mail bag…….

Dear students, faculty and staff

Recently, the General Administration has requested information from Dr.Becky Mussat-Whitlow regarding the University’s 25% decline in graduate enrollment.  Brenda Allen has stated that enrollment was one of the reasons the education and business schools were placed under the College of Arts and Sciences. The faculty from the School of Business has reiterated to Brenda that the lack of marketing/advertising and competition has led to declining enrollment.Requests for marketing budgets have been ignored. It seems that the School of Business is NOT high on Corey Walker’s priority list. Apparently, his priority is pleasing friends from big universities or simply trying to smooth his way to another institution.

Note on Friday October 10, 2014 an announcement was sent campus wide from Dr. Corey Walker to students, faculty and staff regarding an interest meeting.

The following is written on the flyer, “Learn more about MBA and Accounting Degrees at 3 Top Universities: Michigan State University, Syracuse University and UNC Charlotte on Wednesday October 15.Corey is using university’scommunication systems, technology, equipment, space, and employment time to provide other universities the opportunity to recruit WSSU’s very best students. In fact, he is trying to destroy WSSU master’s degree. This is a deliberate action that is reprehensible. If you look at the advertisement, notice that WSSU MBA program was not included as part of this opportunity. Is Corey Walker moonlighting? Is he out of his cotton-picken mind? How can WSSU programs compete with other universities and at the same time deal with the retaliatory decisions of Corey Walker and Brenda Allen? Corey, are you practicing what you preach about liberal education?  Critical and analytical thinking are components of liberal education. You are NOT applying these liberal concepts in your decision making process. Corey Walker stay at WSSU is to fulfill Brenda’s vengeance, since the Business School defied her, before she is fired by Elmwood, she wants to destroy the program.

Walker’s desire and need to build a mega organization is more important to him than WSSU students.  He is too busy involving himself with outside activities, instead of improving the academic areas in the College of Arts and Sciences. Corey Walker has an agenda other than the education and safety of our students. Corey thought that Brenda would make him a Provost. Now, he is trying to position himself to replace Brenda once she is fired. We know he is already pitching his case with the new chancellor.

But Corey has to worry about other personal matters. He is wondering how he would pay for his $800,000 home at Arbor Place Court.  He wants to make sure that his wife maintains her 90,000 salary despite little productivity from her part. She was granted tenure at the the associate professor rank in chemistry without being vetted by the department. Presently, she has the highest faculty salary in the department with little work to do. In order to justify her salary, Corey named her Director of Science Initiatives  (name your wife for a position?) and put her under the supervision of another loser, Lynn Berry. Where does WSSU get money to pay this unproductive ectoplasm? Her salary is listed as Non-State funds and probably comes from Title III money. Instead, these funds could have been used for marketing and recruitment of students in the graduate and undergraduate programs.

We ask Corey Walker, his wife, Brenda Allen, RaVonda  Dalton-Rann, Carolynn Berry, Cathy Stilts, Michelle Cook, Ivan Forster, and BOT Victor Johnson to step down when Reaves leaves in order to recover the pride and joy of WSSU prior to the rape perpetrated by these individuals.  Please ask Tom Ross, BOG, the governor and your congressmen to look into the corruption and nepotism that has plagued WSSU during the last seven years.

United WSSU Alumni against Reaves Corruption.


New Chancellor has been chosen!!!

Elwood L. Robinson, Provost and Vice-President for Academic Affairs at Cambridge College in Massachusetts since 2012, has been elected Chancellor of Winston-Salem State University by the Board of

WSSU Chancellor Elwood RobinsonHigh resolution version.

Governors of the 17-campus University of North Carolina. UNC President Tom Ross placed Robinson’s name in nomination today (September 26) during a special meeting of the board, held on the campus of WSSU. Robinson, 58, will assume his new duties January 1, 2015, succeeding Donald J. Reaves, who announced last spring that he would step down as Chancellor on December 31 after eight years in the post.

In recommending Robinson to the Board of Governors, Ross said: “I am thrilled at the opportunity to bring a talented North Carolinian back home. Elwood Robinson is going to be a phenomenal leader for Winston-Salem State University. He brings to the job a real passion for higher education and three decades of strong, creative leadership experience as a faculty mentor, department chair, dean, and provost.  Much of that experience was gained at North Carolina Central University, his alma mater.  He is a proven leader who promotes innovation, collaboration and an unwavering commitment to academic excellence and student success. He also understands WSSU’s proud history and its potential to play an even larger role in the life of this city and this state, so I am delighted he has agreed to join our leadership team.”

Cambridge College is a private, not-for-profit institution offering undergraduate, graduate, professional degree and certificate programs through schools of Undergraduate Studies, Education, Management and Psychology & Counseling. Geared toward working adults, most courses are taught evenings and weekends, with many blending onsite and online components.  It enrolls more than 5,000 students across its main Cambridge campus and seven regional academic centers in Massachusetts, Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, California and Puerto Rico.

As Cambridge College’s chief academic officer, Robinson has advised the president on matters of educational policy and the development of teaching and academic programs. He also has managed the school’s academic planning and program reviews and overseen its regional academic centers. Under his watch, the teacher education program has achieved national accreditation and the College has forged an innovative partnership with Granite State College in New Hampshire to offer online programs — the first private/state partnership of its kind in New England. In addition, the American Council on Education has awarded Cambridge a grant to establish an Innovation and Change Lab designed to increase the number of first-generation and nontraditional students earning college degrees.

A native of Ivanhoe, NC, Robinson graduated magna cum laude from North Carolina Central University in 1978 with a degree in psychology and then earned a master’s degree in the field from Fisk University in Tennessee (1980). After completing a pre-doctoral internship at Duke University Medical Center, performing rotations in neuropsychology, psychiatric inpatient and behavioral medicine and health psychology, he earned a doctorate in clinical psychology from Pennsylvania State University (1986). He later completed his clinical training as a research associate at Duke University Medical Center (1990-1993).

Robinson joined the faculty of NCCU in 1984.  In 1993, he was named Director of the Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program, which provides research-training opportunities for students and faculty from minority groups underrepresented in the biomedical sciences.  He directed the federally funded program for the next 11 years, establishing collaborations with several major research universities, expanding course offerings, and mentoring more than 100 MARC Scholars.  Remarkably, 80 percent of those scholars entered graduate school and 40 percent have achieved doctoral degrees.

From 1993-1996, Robinson also served as chair of NCCU’s Psychology Department. During his three-year term, he instituted a new clinical master’s program, developed a faculty development program, increased external funding, and improved graduation rates by 25 percent. Concurrently, Robinson directed NCCU’s Alcohol Research Center, funded by a grant from the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism. A collaboration with predominantly minority and research-intensive institutions, the center provided support to faculty interested in alcohol-related research.

In 2006, Robinson was named founding Dean of the NCCU College of Behavioral and Social Sciences, where he oversaw nine departments, five centers and over 200 faculty and staff.  Over the next six years, he generated over $15 million in federal grants and other external funding, achieved accreditation for 16 programs, established a Department of Social Work, secured funding for a $1-million endowed professorship, and developed a national partnership with the Institute for Homeland Security and the Rural Domestic Preparedness Consortium.  He remained in the post until he left North Carolina for Cambridge College in 2012.

Active in professional and civic organizations, Robinson has received numerous awards and honors over the course of his career. A former National Institutes of Health Fellow, he has received the Sigma Xi Award (1995), the Omega Psi Phi Founder’s Award (2007), an Image Award from the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (2003), and the Order of the Long Leaf Pine (2012). He has served on the boards of the YMCA of the Greater Triangle, the Center for Child and Family Health, and the Uplift Foundation, and has served as a delegate for the People to People Citizen Ambassador Program to China, Egypt and South Africa.

Robinson is married to Denise Robinson, a 1978 NCCU graduate and former elementary school teacher. Together, they have two children: Chanita Robinson Coulter, a graduate of North Carolina A&T State University and school teacher living in Charleston, SC; and Devin, a student at NCCU.

The University of North Carolina

The oldest public university in the nation, the University of North Carolina enrolls more than 220,000 students and encompasses all 16 of North Carolina’s public institutions that grant baccalaureate degrees, as well as the NC School of Science and Mathematics, the nation’s first public residential high school for gifted students.  UNC campuses support a broad array of distinguished liberal-arts programs, two medical schools and one teaching hospital, two law schools, a veterinary school, a school of pharmacy, 11 nursing programs, 15 schools of education, three schools of engineering, and a specialized school for performing artists.  The UNC Center for Public Television, with its 11-station statewide broadcast network, is also under the University umbrella.

Winston-Salem State University

Located in the central Piedmont Triad region of North Carolina, Winston-Salem State University ( enrolls nearly 6,200 students in 43 undergraduate and 10 graduate programs. Founded in 1892, WSSU in 1925 became the first African American institution in the nation to grant elementary education teaching degrees. Today, WSSU’s award-winning Motorsports Management major is the nation’s first bachelor of science degree program dedicated to motorsports management. WSSU is the third-largest producer of nurses in North Carolina, the Smithsonian Institution has named the Diggs Gallery at WSSU one of the nation’s best regional, contemporary African American art galleries.

WINSTON-SALEM STATE UNIVERSITY CONTACT: Contacts: Nancy Young, Director of Public Relations, 336-750-8764 |  About WSSU

An open letter to WSSU Administration and the Board of Trustees

We received this document from four alumni collaborating together. We have nothing to do with this content.

Dear WSSU Administration (2007- December 2014) and Board of Trustees, 

The students, faculty, staff and alumni of Winston Salem State University have taken a stand against your so called firm foundation that you claimed you built at WSSU. We will not tolerate nor accept further ignorance of our university, your incompetent leadership, and your insistence that we become a  little Brown University of the South. The war to remove the Reaves Administration has been won. The battle to keep Victor Johnson and RaVonda Dalton Rann from naming Brenda Allen chancellor was the decisive battle.  

When you and your administration took over, the university lost its path to excellence.  Donald Reaves sealed the destiny of the current administration with the recorded statement in the WS Journal, that WSSU had not changed its curriculum in 50 years. Educators and chancellors in UNC system knew that WSSU was in serious trouble when Donald was named Chancellor with a document that was doctored by Kevin Myatt and Ravonda Dalton Rann. They moved DJ’s name to the top of the list. This is  a fact that was later on confirmed by Erskine Bowles. 

Donald Reaves your legacy will be recorded as leading the worst administration in the history of WSSU.  Your lies will be revealed.  Your egregious use of the university resources to buy and sell favors from the WS Journal, board of trustees and certain faculty and staff will demand retribution. Your misuse of state funds and your pay off for silence especially in the athletic department will be revealed. 

So that you will never forget that we know what you have done, the following will be credited to your administration and your board of trustees for years to come:  


The DJR Building and Honorary Degrees 

The DJR building will become a symbol of how not to run a university.  It will always remind us of how someone from the North can put down the South and HBCUs, yet add no value to either. It will remind us that people will degrade the excellent work of others the way you and your administration tried to erase Dr. Harold Martin and his administration. The Donald Julian Reaves Student Center will be remembered as the building that DJ built on the backs of students and their parents.   Your honorary degree will be remembered through the lies that you and Brenda told on the May 2014 commencement.  How is it possible that you did not know about the degree to be conferred as Brenda proclaimed? The manner in which the faculty moaned and laughed at the thoughts of you receiving an honorary degree will be the manner in which you and your administration will be remembered.  That was an act of paying back by Brenda, in the hope that she would be proclaimed Madame Chancellor. But we all know that you, DJ,  hardly graduated from college and that you tried to hide that fact by refusing to provide your credentials to the accreditation agency. You even pressured  a former Provost to cover up for you and he refused. But that is life, nothing but a mirror of your own reflection. 

Nepotism, Favoritism and Violation of Employment Policies 

You and your administration from the very beginning ignored North Carolina Laws that governed the UNC campuses.  The only reason that Tom Ross and Erskine Bowles allowed this obvious disregard of policy and procedures was to destroy WSSU. Several broken policies and issues are now left for the new Chancellor to address. You have never followed employment law and policies.  You and the Board of Trustees changed the WSSU nepotism policy in 2009 to accommodate friends and relatives, but you did not satisfy the guideline of the UNC System which leaves the university opened to lawsuits. 

1.                     Victor Johnson, board of trustees needed employment for his daughter, Kim Johnson to minimize hospital and doctor’s bills at the expense of North Carolina taxpayers. You and his friend RaVonda and Brenda accommodated his need. In return Victor tried to push the search committee to recommend her for chancellor.  But the faculty and students on the search committee Brenda supporting (Burke, Johnson, Henderson, Miller) board of trustees to succeed. 

2.                     Vivian Burke negotiated a part time teaching position for her son who did not come to class and proceed to pass all of the students. 

3.                     Carthene R. Bazemore-Walker, wife of Corey Walker, Dean of the College of Arts and Science is the Director of Science Initiatives and tenured Associate Professor of Chemistry at Winston-Salem State University.   WSSU’s Nepotism policy states: Related persons shall not serve concurrently within the institution in any case where one such related person would occupy a position having responsibility for the direct supervision of the other related person. In contrast to the WSSU policy, Guidelines on Implementing Anti-Nepotism Policy, The UNC Policy Manual 300.4.2.1[G] Adopted 04/27/73, indicate. The question of “directness” or “indirectness” must be interpreted reasonably to accomplish the intent and spirit of the anti-nepotism policy. As a general rule of interpretation, no supervisory relationship between related persons should be permitted to exist where the supervisor effectively controls the terms and conditions of the relative’s employment, including promotion opportunities, rates of compensation, work assignments and evaluation of performance. The terms “direct” and “immediate” may be essentially interchangeable, for purposes of evaluating certain types of relationships; however, in certain situations, because the term “immediate” may connote only “first line” supervision, it may be too restrictive a concept to serve as a reasonable guide. Her Chemistry position violates these guidelines. 

The position of Director of Science was not advertised and it is a made up position with tasks performed by others on the campus. All researchers would be expected to perform some of these activities such collaborate with faculty and professional organizations.  Task listed in this job description such as interacting with government agencies, business and community organizations, and other institutions to provide teaching and research support is conducted in the Office of Government and Community Relations which serves as the university’s primary liaison with community organizations as well as federal, state and local government officials and entities. Office of Government and Community Relations’ mission is to continually demonstrate the value of Winston-Salem State University as an academic, research, and economic development leader and to facilitate collaborative efforts that benefit the community and the university   If the university needed someone to be responsible for these duties there are many deserving individuals in biology who have advanced the university’s mission. She was tenured without applying for it.  What a slap for those individuals that the Chancellor and Brenda have turned down. 

4.                     Silvia Ramos-Cotton, Equal Opportunity Director, is the wife of Dr. Cotton Vice Chancellor of Student.  Silvia is the individual who would hear EEO cases coming from Cotton Vice Chancellor area.  The university has offered no GUARANTEE that a fair and non-bias RESOLUTION would be given to individuals from this area. 

5.                     The university’s most famous case is Ivan Foster. He should be released of his duties immediately and a person with experience in HR issues should be hired.  Foster was employed because Fairy God Mother Deborah Reaves is his children’s God Mother.  The university has had to employ several individuals to do this his work. Once the university recovers from it financial problems of which these shady employment policies have contributed, Foster will be the greatest joke of the Reaves Administration. Example of Forster’s incompetence is shown in complaints from people who applied for jobs at WSSU, in some cases YEARS ago, just now receiving notice that the search was cancelled.  

6.                     Brenda Allen not only created a position for her sister, Patricia Eaddy, she also created the department of Interpersonal Violence for her. The duties include:  1. provides services to students experiencing interpersonal violence; 2. ensures confidentiality and support; and assist students with referrals to our counseling center or community based programs.  These duties can be performed by the counseling center.  This is a serious waste of state money. 

There have been others, such Hunter and his wife. Shannon Berg Henry, WSSU Director of Internal Auditor and Compliance Services, violated state and university hiring practices. Her husband Amir A. Henry was hired as WSSU Captain of Uniformed Patrol on June 30, 2012.  However, WSSU did not advertise the job

vacancy until July 31, 2012 with an application deadline of August 8, 2012.  WSSU accepted applications for a position it had already granted to the Internal Auditor’s husband. 


Decreased Enrollment vs New Buildings 

According UNC Dashboard and the WS Journal, WSSU has gone from 6, 442 student enrollment in 2008 to 5, 200 in 2014.  The University is enrollement decreased significantly in the enrollment of undergraduate and graduate students.  Reaves and Brenda have both made statements that the decrease was by design in order to bring in quality. Brenda like a parrot repeated your stament; “Bigger is not always better”. She also tried to bambozzle the public by saying that WSSU needed to rmeain smal in order to cover up your lost of students and reveneue. Did you say “Quality?” The WSSU fact book shows that in 2013 there were 4194 undergraduate applicants, with 2656 acceptance (met the WSSU admission’s criteria).  However, only 728 enrolled.  What are the problems? Since La Grande left there has been dramatic turn over in the admission’s office.  Apparently Dr. Carolynn Berry, Associate Provost for Assessment, Research and Curriculum has been assigned the area of enrollment and has  miserably failed. However, she has not failed in bringing her husband’s graduate students from Wake Forest and create a Wake Forest Pool in the outside modules near the tennis courts. These individuals come and go as they please without any supervision. And are often seen leaving to go to the health club at various times of the day. Their unit is nothing but a segregated trailer of people who have been privileged by Carolynn Berry who  nare paid way above others in this campus. Some things have never changed, ‘white privilege”. Reaves and Brenda Allen have made the statement that the goal is to reduce the enrollment to 3,500.  One would have to conclude that Donald and Brenda have very little understanding of the relationship between FTEs and state funding.  There is a question of why  should new new dorms were built if the enrollment is slated to be decreased. There is also the question of increased in student retention, it has been shown that grade inflation and grade changes account for this so-called success. 

Loss of Programs and poorly structured academics 

Every higher education accrediting body sets a standard for leadership of units dealing with academics. Those standards include appropriate experience and credentials.

Since Brenda and Donald took over academics we have witness: 

Closure of the Child Development Center (learning lab), destruction of the graduate school, closure of the evening and weekend program, loss of several nursing outreach programs, decrease in adult learners, decrease in online courses, confusion around the gen ed policies and guidelines, non- productive advising practices, low and decreased number of degrees conferred in chemistry, English, music, African American Studies, World Languages and Cultures Department, and biology. 

The most frighten change was the reorganization from schools to departments. The reasons given for this unsubstantiated move was the university would save money.  The second reason was that there are personnel problems and decrease student enrollment in the schools. The faculty and the faculty senate advised against this move.  This is an example of Brenda’s incompetence in managing academic units. Again this is an example of the poor academic decisions of this administration which is leading our university to disaster. Brenda was so sure that she would be named chancellor that she allowed Corey to build an empire through this reorganization.  His first appointment to head the business department cast doubt on his experience and competence. Even more frightening Reaves put Corey in charge of the Ebola team.  Peggy this is clearly an indication of what they think of you and the School of Health Sciences. Stop being a sycophant to Brenda and Berry and stand up to be counted. Your school brings in the money. 

As recently posted in the WSSU Insider recently, a memo went out to all faculty members, begging them to attend faculty assemblies. Apparently, the faculty is so demoralized that they have stopped attending meetings and have expressed their discontent to the agenda items that can be summed up as public relation stunts that are meant to pump up administrators who claim credit for accomplishments that they had nothing to do with, rather than conducting real university business. Faculty were surprised to hear Reaves statements that the” general education curriculum was obsolete”, when in fact the curriculum changes that took place had to do with the format and not the approved courses. This is one more indication that Reaves has never understood academics, was never involved with the academic aspects in places he has worked because he was marginalized from participating in the real core of the academic business. In summary, Reaves does not have academic experience except a couple of years that he taught courses at Northeastern University in Boston, never received tenure, never was a chair nor dean, does not possess a degree in finances or budgets, but simply has been a thorn to the universities where he has worked. It is now that has come to light that university officials at Brown and University of Chicago have been happy that he moved to another place to act up his juvenile antics. 

The mission of the University College and Lifelong Learning (UCaLL) is dedicated to enhancing the intellectual, professional, and personal lives of its students by providing exemplary academic guidance, comprehensive learning support services, and engaging professional development.  In addition, in collaboration with WSSU academic units and community constituents, UCaLL offers continuing education opportunities to diverse populations on campus and beyond. Cathy Stitts has been given 45 positions to carry out this mission. The output of this unit does not justify the input.  With all of the faculty and staff there should not be issues of advising.  However, partying and drinking with Brenda and other types of  decadent ”activities will get what you want. 

Rudeness and Mishandling Situations  

The manner in which the Virginia State University team was treated will follow WSSU for a long time.   These young men on both teams look to the leadership of the CIAA, and the universities to show them the way.  Ridiculing them in the media was not the way a WSSU Chancellor should have reacted. Making student Johnson appear in a news conference with Reaves defied common sense.  This heavy handedness on Reaves part has played out in public with alumni and his opponents. It is hard to understand why Pat Norris, his body guard, did not advise him better. 

The Winston Salem Chronicle reported that the budget deficit caused by WSSU Athletics will continue to grow while Reaves and his inept Foundation Board, spearheaded by Michel Crook, are unable to find donors that will foot the bill for the beleaguered athletic department. The November debacle where more tickets were sold because Reaves and his cronies were unable to read and determine the capacity of the gym and the Gaines Center has not been settled since most recently, a low level employee was fired to give the impression that she was at fault when in fact the root of the problem points directly at Reaves inability to manage, understand the academic environment, his lack of social skills and is incapable of friend-raising unlike his predecessor Harold Martin. 

Brenda, following her leader has totally lost the respect and confidence of the faculty and university community. She is as rude as Reaves; ignorant as Victor and vicious as Ravonda Dalton Rann. As a matter of fact, they are both soul mates; they lie and then believe their own  stories. Nancy Young, Vic Johnson and his wife, Rovanda Dalton–Rann and her husband, Pat Norris and her husband, Michelle Cook and her husband along with four  or five WSSU Security Officers as chauffer’s attended the football game in Atlanta,  GA. They stayed from Wednesday to Sunday at North Carolina tax payer’s expense. Did DJ say efficiency and fiduciary responsibility for WSSU? 


 Adding Insult to Injury 

 The latest insult is that DJ wants to stay at WSSU to teach. What a laugh! He has asked to be paid his regular salary while going on a “sabbatical.” He claims that since he is a tenured faculty, an honorary badge that the UNC System gives to all the chancellors of the system without any effort, breadth or depth in their discipline. DJ wants to come back to teach. He has developed a “gig” to claim that he will be back to teach in the fall.   This is nothing more than a ruse so that he can continue to exhaust the resources of the university. Tom Ross, we will make you responsible if this is granted. Enough is enough, stop wasting our tax dollars. DJ has not taught in more than 25 years, he has no inkling as to what a classroom is and what is happening in  his field. The only scholarship experience he has ever had is his 35 year- old dissertation about the Housing 1974 Authority- the Akron Case (Kent State 1981).  That dissertation is now being analyzed to check for real scholarship or whether it was plagiarized or authored by someone else. What could our students gain form such a foul mouth individual who refers to the alumni as “ordinary niggers”? 

WSSU Candidates Eliminated in the First Round

Brenda Allen, present Provost at WSSU and former Affirmative Action Officer, Ed Hanes were immediately eliminated from the initial pool of candidates for the position of Chancellor at WSSU because they lacked essential skills and competencies to deem them as serious candidates. Despite the lobbying that DJ did to try to influence the final outcome, IT FAILED.

 DJ had promised Brenda Allen to “groom” her and become the next chancellor. It looks as if Brenda Allen needed more than just “grooming”; the lipstick and doing away with the wig were not sufficient enough to make her a viable candidate. We highly recommend that besides getting her teeth cleaned, that Allen needs to refine her language, eliminate her ghetto talk and use phrases that are consistent with intelligent people. Victor, the WSSU trustee, tried everything possible to bring her back. But Victor is Victor and he only wanted to extent employment for his daughter to minimize hospital and doctor’s bills at the expense of North Carolina taxpayers.  When asked how come she did not make the list at WSSU, Bennett and Dillard, Allen responded, “It’s what it is”. Allen’s famous phrase is the extent of her vocabulary to be considered for a chancellor’s position. Questionable entries in her resume also have been unanswered. At least she is not blaming the School of Business after she punished the school by creating a mega college under the supervision of Dean Corey. Corey who now regrets lobbying for his “boss” has been trying to determine which of the final candidates will become chancellor to extent his stay at WSSU. His strategy is to send candidates notes to wish them well and to make suggestions as to what WSSU needs to fix the enrollment management debacle caused by DJ’s incompetence. Dean Corey, it’s not cool to be communicating with candidates because eventually the new chancellor will undo the mega school concept and send you back to Rhode Island to handle your old Africana Studies department.

Citizen Hanes, who has become a political candidate for several districts in Winston Salem, was also eliminated. Apparently, the blessing of Palmer and convalescing Larry Womble was not sufficient enough to grant him a “courtesy interview”, a practice that is common to WSSU in order to placate the anger of politicians and wannabe chancellors. These politicians claim that they have an entitlement because they are elected officials. Mr. Hanes, your tenure at WSSU was a total failure. You played the game with DJ and eventually he sent you home with a six month severance pay to plan running for office, plans that were previously terminated because university employees cannot run for office while employed by the UNC system.  You left many faculty members unemployed because you were thinking about yourself instead of presenting their complaints for “wrongful termination”. We are still scratching our heads as to what could you possibly bring to WSSU’s table?  Did you investigate the change of grade scandal?  You endorsed a loan to buy the stadium when you know that Athletics has been a money pit for WSSU.  You simply wanted free tickets to the Chancellor’s box, didn’t you? Did you investigate the wrongdoing of employees who stole food from Aramark, used the WSSU gas card to fill up the fuels tanks of personal vehicles, and look aside when police officers “fraternized” with students to grant them sexual favors? Secretly meeting with members of the Black Caucus does not guarantee a job as Chancellor in the UNC system. .” Can you sleep well at night?