Open Letter from Alumni to: Victor Johnson and Donald Reaves

Open Letter from Alumni

to: Victor Johnson and Donald Reaves,

In response to your statements in the Journal, Victor Johnson (61’) you have already disgraced your alma mater.  Not only have you disgraced WSSU, you and Connie Johnson have sold WSSU to Reaves, RaVonda, Brenda and her entourage, Corey and wife, and Michelle Cook. You, Victor, according to Ann Lemon, will be the first BOT member in the history of the UNC system to be removed.  It is hard to believe that you tried to pull the Forsyth County/ WS School system into this. Funny, you did not speak out about board participation until Brenda was NOT selected to be interviewed.

The alumni expected you  to  respect our university.  We did not want you to deter good change, but we wanted you to protect it from being pillaged by a lawless administration.

Debra Miller, thank you for standing up for your university.  It seems that you are beginning to learn what  Donald Reaves is all about.  You have been used, Debra. We hope you understand that RaVonda and some of the other BOT members (i.e. Burke) will stab your in the back to get what they want. RoVanda and her colleagues on the board have connections with Alvin Schneider who has spent his life since being forced out of WSSU trying to pay back. He is still using these two to control certain things at the university and he is very friendly with Reaves.  Please work with Chancellor Robinson, alumni, students and the faculty and staff to bring back the gloryto our university.  “This is a place of possibilities”, Martin 2001.

Victor and Connie, make this right by disclosing the role that Reaves, RaVonda, other BOTs and Brenda played is this scandal?  They have already distance themselves from you and are speaking out about what you did and putting the blame squarely on you. At least give your daughter something to be proud of despite your bitter end. We hope you are aware that this is a criminal offense. Understand, just as the financial and grade changing improprieties are being disclosed, we will disclose evidence of those involved in this crime.

Mr. Reaves, so you still think that you have built a foundation for further growth? We will take every opportunity to remind you and the world of what you have done to WSSU. The university will grow in spite of your 7 years of destruction, incompetence and your criminal behaviors including the:

  • Poor choices of board members (you brought Johnson  and Burke into the fold)
  • Employment of the worst deans, provost, vice chancellors, and administrators in the history of WSSU
  • Use of funds to build unnecessary and unoccupied buildings at a time when the university is in deep trouble with declining enrollments.
  • Burdens you and the BOT placed on students and their parents through increased fees and allowing student scholarship funds in the Foundation to be spent for other items (NOTE THE INCREASED FEES WHERE TO PAY FOR THE DJ BUILDING)
  • Change of grades to achieve the retention and graduation rates and to keep student athletes  on the field
  • Numerous lawsuits and EEOC claims
  • Complete degradation of faculty and staff and exodus of competent employees
  • Decrease in enrollment and therefore state funds
  • Lack of academic acumen demonstrated by you , your provost  and your  deans
  • Misuse of funds to keep certain people quite especially in athletics and Mr. McKenzie
  • Destruction of the academic programs.  Are you trying to destroy nursing before 12/31/14?
  • Cash Cow account 312-440
  • The  foul uneducated language  and liquor drinking on the campus by you
  • Nepotism practices and violation of employment policies
  • Manner in which you handled the Virginia State University student and student Johnson (and you call yourself a father)
  • Using the chief of police,Pat Norris, to arrest alumni who were within their rights
  • Way you have allowed the financial aid ,enrollment, admissions and the academic areas to be degraded
  • Internal Audit practices that assist in hiding  fraudulent  accounts
  • Your inadequate fundraising coupled with the inadequate skills by Michelle Cook and her gang who only attend banquets with family members instead of fund raising.
  • Fund raising practices that use faculty grants as if they were obtained by Michelle Cook.
  • University culture of secrecy, non- transparency, upper echelon arrogance and lack of shared governance
  • Fact that you have said on many occasions and in speeches and in the WS journal that the people at WSSU have no expectations
  • Fact that you, Brenda, and Corey do not understand what is truly meant by a liberal education
  • Mistaken idea that you and your family are somehow better than the people of the WS community

We support our new chancellor Robinson and he will excel  despite the things you are doing to undermine him before he arrives.

The mysterious “vault watch”….

Why did Donald Reaves keep this watch in his vault for more than six years? Why will Cook offer to sell it now when she knows that under an auction this watch could earn up to $10,000 for student scholarships.

Mr. ************,

Thank you for your email and your interest in Winston-Salem State University.

With regard to the watch, it is still in the safe.  I have attached here a picture of the watch.  Please note that the watch box is sitting next to a copy of today’s Winston-Salem Journal – just added assurance that the photo is in my possession today.

We have considered auctioning it a few times in recent years, but have not found an appropriate opportunity for the university to generate enough interest (and money) to come close to the value of the watch, estimated to be about $3,000.  We will continue to look for an appropriate venue for the auction.

In the meantime, if you have an interest in purchasing the watch, please let me know.  Your contribution of $3,000  would be a significant investment in students at WSSU.  Ongoing budget cuts  have had a major impact on WSSU and our students need the financial support of alumni and friends now more than ever!

Please be in touch if you’d like to know more about how you can purchase the watch.


Michelle M. Cook

Vice Chancellor for University Advancement &

Executive Director of the

Winston-Salem State University Foundation, Inc.

Another HBCU having issues……

Commentary: “Sexual misconduct” is, perhaps, the most benign description of the felony crime of rape and it is unfortunate for a President of a University to obfuscate and minimize such a heinous crime with his comments. For those of you unaware of similar remarks at WSSU, Donald Reaves will often referred to lesbians as LUGs (lesbians until graduation!). This fact can be verified by Ed Hanes, ex Affirmative Action Office who has made these comments public in the Winston Salem community. This is an illuminating article that might help educate the entire Reaves administration about the serious crimes committed against women on campus. What I find more offensive is that when a person’s family member and colleagues are “gay” you would expect more sensitivity from the mouth of this individual.

Educating Mr. Sexton

Educating Mr. Sexton

Mr. Sexton needs to be educated in understanding why Victor Johnson violated the law and displayed total disregard to the search process which he swore under oath to maintain confidential. First and foremost, the Board of Trustees have been vested with autonomy by the North Carolina State Constitution from unnecessary legislative oversight and does not have to abide by open meetings laws as in other cases where the sunshine laws apply. Even the state of Florida is presently changing and amending the sunshine law to protect the privacy of individuals who are seeking presidential positions in their university system. Why? In order to assure that good candidates apply. Any top administrator from another institution would be reluctant to jeopardize his/her public stature by publicly seeking a new job.

Secondly, as the member of the search committee, Johnson signed a confidentiality agreement pledging not to reveal the candidates’ names until a final announcement was made by the Board of Trustees. In the case of Johnson, he maliciously and deliberately violated his pledge. Not only did he do this for a personal reason, his candidate, Brenda Allen never made the list so therefore, like a jerk, he went ahead and carried out his threat thus also jeopardizing Mr. Harry Williams who dropped out of the race when his name became public. I am certain that many individuals at Delaware State feel that Williams should not continue to be president, since for them, Delaware State is no longer attractive rendering him powerless to continue his presidency. I am wondering how members of his board feel about his decision to apply?

Third, the primary objection for disclosing candidates’ names discourages good candidates from applying because of the repercussions that they may face in their own campuses. Applicants for these positions are generally already in a high level position at other universities. Divulging the identity of the candidate may imply to officials and subordinates that the candidate is unhappy, thereby eroding the candidate’s effectiveness and indicating a lack of loyalty that results in a weakened morale at the candidate’s present institution. Confidentiality, one which Victor violated, increases the applicant pool, expedites the search procedure when there are more candidates, and ensures a careful selection of the candidates by the committee when excellent applicants apply.

Mr. Sexton, the candidate’s right to privacy and the responsibility of the search committee to locate a good pool of candidates trumps the public’s-right to know. Eventually, the public will be informed after the process is over. To allow the public to know before a finalist is chosen will result in a popularity contest by a general public that lacks the professional judgment to make such an important decision. For that very reason, Mr. Sexton, there are twenty two states across this nation that have statutory exceptions for the names of applicants or candidates for public employment  and are not in agreement with your fuzzy logic.

Mr. Johnson as a trustee should have exhibited integrity, but his record has been dismal because it has been driven by his own personal gains. His daughter was employed by the university because of his connection to Donald Julian Reaves, now a “persona non grata” at Winston Salem State University. Victor’s lack of integrity jeopardized our Alma Mater’s reputation. If you like Vic Johnson so much, let the Journal select him to be a member of your board but be careful what you asked for.

A reply to a Winston Salem Journal Article by Scott Sexton..

We just read the following article, and had to make some comments:

First, I’m really shocked that Scott Sexton of the journal would even pen such an article.

Although he does admit that Vic DID violate a confidentiality agreement, his response is, “Well, why do we even have these silly laws, why all the secrecy”? “Why is it against the law in the first place?”

The secrecy is required. The candidates being considered for ANY position, be that the Chancellor’s job, or a job at any campus doing ANY thing, the candidates must be kept secret.

Because in most cases, they have existing jobs that they want to protect. And every hiring manager has the responsibility to protect the names and information from getting back to the campuses or places of work that the candidates are currently at. Because if the existing places of work find out that their employee is out looking for a job, well things are not going to go well for the candidates.

What is astounding is, instead of digging further into what Vic has done to WSSU over the years, in addition to what he just did, which is what a normal reporter SHOULD do, he questions whether or not things should be secret in the first place?

Well, we now know that Scott Sexton has an agenda, that;’s pretty apparent.  It also makes us wonder if there is a connection between Sexton and Vic Johnson.

Got information on that or anything else? Send to .

From the mail bag, an open letter from Alumni….

Brenda Allen, Donald Reaves and Michelle Cook

We will not allow Chancellor Robinson to walk blindly into the serious problems that you two have caused this university.  You intended to prevent disclosure of Justin McKenzie’s possible embezzlement until January at which time you would put the blame on our new Chancellor in the same way that you tried to blame Dr. Martin for all of your failures.

It is too late, Brenda, you cannot cover up for Justin McKenzie.  Your letter to the University caused campus wide suspicion of you and Leticia. As he was your direct report, Brenda, you or Leticia approved his account activities.  You had to know that there were improprieties in his accounts. Dorcas informed you that he had difficulty at his last job. You and Reaves were so accustomed to dealing with crooks and criminals that you were not deterred by his previous record. Knowing Reaves as the entire university knows, he probably saw Justin’s past as a great opportunity.  You were so bent on hiring a Black person and not a White in that position that anything would have been ok with the Black candidate. We also have high expectations regardless of the candidate’s race.

Brenda, you have not settled the EEOC case filed against WSSU from Ms. Hedgepeth when you were quite aware that McKenzie was crooked and unethical. Now the Department of Justice has taken over this case and given Ms Hedegepeth more ammunition due to your incompetence. Like her, you did to others and all this will eventually come to light. The so called” internal investigation” of Mr. McKenzie’s misappropriations just like the one for Larry Little will not suffice. This investigation should be conducted by the SBI and we intend to share our information with them. As a matter of fact, we have reported to the State’s Attorney’s office and to look at your “IT trust funds”.   We will also share the same story about changing grades with the NCAA.

Brenda, you have conducted yourself at WSSU in dishonest and disgraceful manner. One of the most despicable issues involves the honor students.  Those that both you and DJ have said you want in order to increase the “quality of the WSSU students”. We are beginning to hear complaints  from parents that their sons and daughters did not receive the honors scholarship or their awards were decreased for the 2014-15 academic year. Parents tell us that the story you concocted told students that the money was taken from the wrong account and that an audit was being conducted to see what had happened to those funds. Parents are extremely upset that they were not informed about this until after the students had been enrolled in classes. Was Reaves referring to honor student in his statement to the Journal about students not graduating because of lost financial aid? The student financial aid department has reported that many of these issues were a direct result of your mismanagement. You did not stop renting a room to go to the tournament, did you? Why did you and your friend Leticia have roomed together during the last few years? Are you saving money that way?  It is also well known that you took over title 3 funds using them for projects that were not part of the initial appropriations, i.e. the Director of Science position that you devised for Corey’s wife.  Perhaps that is also were you found funding for Victor Johnson’s daughter whom you have now placed in the College of Arts and Sciences with Dean Corey Walker for her protection.  Where did you get the funds to develop your sister’s department and her funded position in order to get the support of Victor Johnson?

President Ross, you have totally ignored WSSU problems caused by the current administration for too long.  Thanks for making Reaves resign; however, you have left him here too long.  Issues are developing in every aspect of the university including the well-known SOHS, while Reaves is trying to convince people that he built a foundation for the university to go forth. A foundation for destruction!!! At least send an audit team to look at the financial accounts especially in IT, athletics, financial aid, student services, advancement and the provost and chancellor offices before Dr. Robinson takes office in January.  The internal auditor is paying Reaves back for employing her husband so she cannot be trusted.

Our recommendations to the WSSU staff are:

Budget managers keep an eye on your accounts. There may be millions of dollars involved and Reaves may be trying to move funds before he leaves.

Michelle Cook, what happened to the watch that was supposed to be auctioned for funds for WSSU, will Reaves be taking the watch with him?

Deborah Miller, we thank you for your honesty and exposing Vic Johnson’s unethical behavior. We know that you are probably receiving e-mails and anonymous letters from a very small group to get you upset. Do not retract your statements. Let Vic take the fall, he deserves it. Keep the e-mail addresses especially if they come from WSSU. There are ways of finding out where they come from. Right,  Ravonda?

CC: Tom Ross

End of mail bag letter…..

An addition from the WSSUInsider staff…

We continue to see patterns here that explain many of the issues that have plagued WSSU for a long time. YEARS in fact.

Trustees are supposed to be looking out for the best interests of the campus, and the students who attend and graduate. A campus lives and dies by it’s reputation, both ethically, and academically. Your job is NOT to create jobs for your immediate families, and a revenue stream to pad your own pockets. Your job, is to ensure that no matter what happens, THE CAMPUS always remains the main focal point for any action that you take, and the campus’s reputation, becomes YOUR reputation. The campuses problems, are YOUR problems. Your job, is to fire anyone who damages either of these goals.

This isn’t just illegal, and not just unethical, it’s an OUTRAGE.

As far as we are concerned, you belong in jail, along with everyone who allowed you to perpetrate this activity and ruin the reputation of this campus.

Shame on you all, BUT we learned a valuable lesson, one that Osama Bin Laden learned.

You can run, you can hide. You can intimidate.

But, justice will be served.

More about Johnson and the WSSU Trustees

UNC board of governors panel recommends removing vice chair of WSSU trustees


As you can tell  from this story, we had already warned you during an early post. This is another example of the corruption and the rape of WSSU by individuals who are members of the Board of Trustees and have benefited from personal perks provided by DJ. Everyone knows that Vic Johnson’s daughter was hired as part of the pay to play scheme at WSSU..


“Miller wrote that she received a voicemail message from Johnson on Aug. 17 in which he demanded that the WSSU board of trustees conduct further interviews with candidates and threatened to “go to the press” if she didn’t return his message.”


Indeed, he went to the press released names and was helped and abated by Dalton Rann.

Johnson told the committee that he had shared confidential applicant information with “my superintendent” and proceeded to share the superintendent’s comments and feedback about a specific candidate with the search committee.


There are two versions of this story. One, Victor wanted to make Harry Williams, a mentee of Harold Martin, look bad because he thought that by eliminating him he could position Brenda Allen to come through the back door. The other, DJ was so enraged that his recommendation and letter of support for Allen did not carry any weight. After DJ’s resignation, he lost all the influence he had to make his perverse wish come through. DJ had been going around campus telling people in every possible venue  that Brenda Allen was “liked” by Tom Ross. Trying to create an illusion that Brenda Allen had been touched by Ross as DJ’s successor, the scheme fell apart. This fact was so far from the actual truth. Tom Ross remained neutral but was wise enough to have wide representation of search committee members to avoid the debacle that was perpetrated by Dalton Rann and Kevin Myatt to place DJ on top of the list. This manipulation was later revealed by Erskine Bowles.

Johnson’s motion failed, and “he left the meeting by hanging up the phone,” Miller wrote. Johnson didn’t vote on the finalists.


Typical of Victor’s juvenile behavior. “I don’t get my wish, then forget you Miller”. At least Miller had the ethical principle to make sure that this time around, WSSU will not be stuck with another loser like Donald Reaves.

To express your dissatisfaction with Johnson, write to the Winston Salem Journal and to Representative Ed Hanes that you support the Board of Governor’s decision to remove Johnson from the board and from entering any of the WSSU premises.


Ed Hanes, General Assembly Representative District 72



NC House of Representatives
16 W. Jones Street, Room 1305
Raleigh, NC 27601-1096


Other Comments:


Darlene Jackson Their are strict rules in the hiring process in education and other jobs. I feel from the article statements that dismissal is appropriate in this case. Sometimes individuals get to comfortable in their positions and feel irreplaceable.


William Montgomery It’s has been obvious since the beginning that Vic was trying to get Brenda Allen to become Chancellor despite her inadequacies and incompetence. Victor wanted to use Allen to continue to hire family members and friends, something he had done in the past.

 B. Johnson We need to focus on Vivian Burke and Ravonda Dalton Rann. These two have also used their position to benefit themselves. In the case of Burke, WSSU hired her son and he is at the epicenter of the changing grade controversy. In the case of Dalton Rann, she has been doing illegal things at WSSU going back to Harold Martin’s era. The auditor should check the books for double billing in hotels and other areas were Dalton Rann signed the requisition and made payments.