A wake up call like no other……

From the mail bag – a note from the Admin. These are not our words, these are the words of a concerned person who is deeply involved with the campus.

Message follows:


Black lawmakers should be ashamed of themselves;  they are part of the problem at HBCU’s.  Less not forget about the inept members of the Board of Trustees at HBCUs.  They are not intelligent enough to question the state of affairs at these institution.  Reports of problems are ALWAYS viewed as an attack rather than a call to resolve the existing problems.  For example, Ed Hanes turned WSSU purchase of Bowman Gray Stadium into a racial issue rather than using his UNC law degree to decipher the truth.  Black lawmakers should  fix the problems at these institutions or step aside and allow the WHITE MAN to do so.

First, Elizabeth City State University.  Next, WSSU!  Wake up WSSU COWARDS who have been hiding in the shadows and permitting the Reaves administration to bankrupt WSSU.  Guess what?!  If WSSU closes, most employees will be jobless.  Wake Forest or Forsyth Tech will obtain the nursing school.  Or a for-profit university will purchase the entire campus from the state.  Most WSSU employees will NEVER, NEVER, NEVER, NEVER  find a comparable job/salary.

Winston-Salem State University WILL be the next NC HBCU under consideration for closing.  While the Board of Trustees is praising the former chancellor, Donald Reaves, naming campus buildings in his honor and giving him an honorary degree, WSSU has been annually losing students.  Reaves has boasted of increasing graduation rates even though there has been no such increase.  He has likewise boasted of an increase in student retention, however, it has been shown that grade inflation and grade changes account for this so-call success.  The truth of the matter regarding graduation rates is that WSSU could no longer afford two graduation ceremonies each year.  Reaves and his sidekick Brenda Allen decided on one graduation in the month of May.  This May graduation includes fall, spring, and the previous summer graduates.

Administration has projected a loss of more than 900 students during the 2014-2015 academic year.  The UNC Board granted Brenda Allen permission to create a super college renamed the College of Arts, Sciences, Business, and Education with her hand selected hire Corey Walker, a Brown University affirmative action baby, serving as dean.  Her reasoning was initially based on saving money and subsequently based on the projected drop in enrollment to avoid declaring financial exigency.  She is too naive to know that the UNC Board’s approval creates a record and timeline of fiscal and other problems at WSSU.  Conversely, she thinks she was victorious against the opposition.

Reaves has issued his resignation that is effective December 31, 2014;  maybe a psychic knows why he didn’t leave immediately. Thomas Ross, UNC System President, recently appointed the persons who have bankrupted WSSU to serve on a committee responsible for selecting Reaves replacement, and WSSU COWARDS remained silent.  Brenda Allen is already celebrating.

WSSU is figuratively BURNING and no one is attempting to put out the fire!  It is time for WSSU employees to issue a vote of NO CONFIDENCE against the current administration AND Board of Trustees to save our beloved WSSU.

More money problems at WSSU?

Notice to Faculty-Professional Development Travel Funding

From: Wall, Letitia

This message was sent with High importance.

Sent:    Friday, May 30, 2014 10:44 AM
To:     Everyone-Faculty
Cc:     Beck, Tanya S.; Patterson, Ronald F.; Allen, Brenda A.

Dear Faculty,

This email is to inform all faculty that notification on behalf of the
Professional Development Committee announcing “unlimited” travel funds
has been hereby rescinded, effective immediately.    This office will
meet with the committee to review the existing policies and set
reasonable guidance and limits based on sustainable and responsible
principles so that all faculty can benefit from the intent supporting
research and scholarly pursuits of the faculty at large.

If faculty were awarded travel dollars to attend or present at a
conference, that award will be honored.  If faculty were awarded travel
dollars to support established research projects, the award will be
honored.  If pending reimbursements are in process or outstanding, they
will be approved and processed for payment.

Thank you.

Letitia C. Wall
Assistant Provost for
Administration and Planning
Winston-Salem State University
202 Blair Hall
Winston-Salem, NC  27110

Nothing like an efficient HR department…..

And the incompetency at the senior levels of the campus just keep showing themselves. Today, Ivan Foster takes the stage!!

From the mail bag from the past couple of weeks, several notes from people who applied for jobs at WSSU, in some cases YEARS ago, getting notes for jobs they applied to have been cancelled. YEARS later, well after they had even remembered that they applied!!

Like this one (positions redacted to protect the source):

Subject: Your Application to Winston-Salem State University
> Dear Applicant,
> This notice is to inform you that the position for which you applied,
>  ****************************  in the *********** department, has been canceled and will not be filled at this time.
> We appreciate your interest in a job with Winston-Salem State University and
> encourage you to apply for another position of interest to you through our
> jobs portal at https://jobs.wssu.edu
> Thank you.
> Human Resources Department

For this one, it was 6 years after they had applied. That’s what we call efficiency!!

And this from the mail bag…..

ha..ha.ha…momma says what happens in the dark will come to the light….these people are a MESS…
let me tell u Davis is NOT lying. All course registration dates for that semester should have been ‘Jun 23, 2012 to Aug 31, 2012′ and course dates of ‘Aug 20, 2012 – Dec 03, 2012 ‘ after reading this post I pulled the information from WSSU’s system of record Banner…and here’s what I found;

Independent Study- INSTRUCTOR’S PERMISSION REQUIRED – 93904 – POS 4330 – 02

Associated Term: Fall 2012
Registration Dates: Jun 23, 2012 to Oct 17, 2012
Levels: Undergraduate

Class TBA TBA Oct 16, 2012 – Dec 06, 2012 Independent Study Olethia Davis (P)E-mail

Child, this course was not created until about Oct 16, 2012 almost 2 months into the course, and know there is no record of Burke teaching the class ironically they have Davis as the instructor. The key to knowing that something is SHADY is that the ‘Registration Dates’ and ‘Class Dates’ are out of whack…. Banner works ya’ll…BUSTED,,,so much for compliance

Tom Ross takes over the WSSU Chancellor’s Search Process

University of North Carolina System, President Tom Ross met with the 20 member committee and three search firms who had applied for bids in the search process. Loudmouth you know who told friends that the Chicago Firm connected with DJ was disqualified.


Now we are waiting to see what questions will be asked of the candidates and whether or not these questions will be given ahead of time to selected candidates like they did during the Provost search. The gang of five, Burke, Johnson, Miller, Henderson and a Dean representative, Valentine would likely create a block vote in order to continue their stay at WSSU. We hope Tom Ross keeps an eye on this one and not be fooled like Erskine Bowles was during the last search. During this search Kevin Myatt colluded with some members of the search committee to please his former boss Guy to pay back a favor on behalf of candidate Reaves (see Erskine Bowles revelation in previous postings).


It would be difficult for the gang of five to trump the vote of the other 15 members but we will keep you inform as to who these members are and what has been their past record. We hope that Professor Felder remains neutral in this search since he has had a sweet relationship with Donald Reaves. Very much like Subash Shah who should have recused himself from the search process.



WSSU Sexual Assault on the Rise

In the last three months, the WSSU campus community has been informed of men lurking in the women’s residential halls and posing a high risk of sexual assault. Even cameras with poor resolution cannot be used to identify offenders. We urge parents to demand more police surveillance and demand from Pat Norris more accountability  from campus police officers who have been unable to apprehend the offenders.


“Campus Police responded to Wilson Hall on a reported attempted sexually assault. A female student went to a friend’s room in Wilson Hall were the door was left unlocked for her to enter. Once inside, she went to an interior room without turning on the lights. When she closed the door a male suspect grabbed her from the rear, threw her on a bed and attempted to unfasten her pants.  The student stated she was kicking and screaming for help when his phone rang and he left the room.  The student was not physically injured.

The suspect is described as a black male with facial hair. He was wearing a dark hoodie and dark pants.”